Friday, January 11, 2008

Round Robins Come Home

The Paradise Piecers Bee met yesterday and we received our round robins. We started the round robin, I think, in June 2006. So they have been traveling from bee member to bee member for over a year and a half. We reveled them one at a time and read the journals that went with each one. It was fun to hear what each person wrote in the journals.

This one is mine and is by far the most beautiful of them all. I was very pleased with the out come.

This one is Denise's and was the most challenging to us to think outside our comfort zone. The center block is the "Friendship Pond" and the top tells a story of the eight Paradise Piecer's members having a quilting bee at the pond. You really need to read the journal for it to make sense.

This is Jan's "Snowman Jake". Jake is very popular and has many snowmen and snow women friends, plus some bird and cat friends.

This is Rae's. She wanted a wall hanging for her bedroom. I think she will need a new, much larger bedroom to accommodate this wall hanging.

This is Sandra's. She wanted everyone to think "Spring" and "Pastel Colors" She almost got her wish. It definitely feels like spring, but pastel fell by the wayside.

This is Sandy's. She wanted sunflowers and birdhouses and a red and white checked border. She got her wish, but also got a scarecrow and a crow for it to scar off.

This is Wennell and her "Wild Thing". Well, we tried, but I think our wild days are long gone and the memories are a little faded.

One round robin top is still trying to find its way home and we hope it will make it next Thursday. We are all anxiously waiting in expectation of its arrival.

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