Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Last Round Robin Top

I finally finished the last round robin top yesterday. They will go back to their owners next Thursday at our bee meeting. Eight people in a round robin is just to many! Most of them will be bed sized. The more rounds that were added, the harder it was to come up with ideas that would work in with what was already done. It will be a long while before I join another rr and definitely it will have to be a smaller group. Of course, I still have the last round to but on my roosting robin, but that is because it took me six months to find fabric that I liked.

Here is a picture of the RR before I added the last border.

I felt that it needed light blue to go with the light blue in the 3rd round and Dora said it needed red to tie it all together. She also thought I should do a pieced border, but I just wasn't up to that. Dora planned the border for me using fabric we got from Hobby Lobby. I'm not 100% pleased with it, but it will have to due. Here is the result.

It brightens/lightens it up, but I'm just not real happy with the snowman print. I think a bigger print would have been better for the final border.

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