Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Spy Quilt

I think I finally got the paper piecing pattern figured out. I pieced two rows and they look like they will go together ok.

This is a big relief! Now I am excited about making this quilt again. Hopefully tomorrow I can settle in with one of the movies I got this week-end and piece the rest of the blocks. I need 120 full blocks and 20 partial blocks for the top and bottom of each row. I also need to go to Hobby Lobby and get the UGA fabric with my 40% off coupon. Hope they haven't sold it all. I want to use it for a couple of the blocks and either as the inner or outer border. Guess I'll do that before I start sewing.

We rent movies on Saturday nights from Video Warehouse and they have been having a sale on their previously viewed movies. Buy two movies and get one free. So last week I got three, last night I got three and than today, when I returned the movies we rented, I got three more.

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