Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Mystery

Just how many mysteries am I going to get myself involved in at one time!? Last night at the EVQG meeting, a mystery was passed out. We will receive a new installment each month, and are to bring our completed installment from the previous month. I'm currently working on a mystery that is posted on-line. AQG is doing a mystery at redtop retreat that I'd like to do if it will also be posted on the guild web site. I don't think I will be able to go to retreat this year. If I'm not mistaken, I think AQG is going to start a new mystery in March.

I spent this morning trying to pick out fabrics for the EVQG mystery. I've got several possibilities. But now I'm rethinking it again. I still need a dark. Here are the fabrics I've been considering. The black floral is the fabric that I pulled the colors from and had planned to use it for the dark, but now feel it might better serve as the border.

I had decided on this combo, but now feel the print in the med. fabric (2nd from right) doesn't really fit with the florals.

I thought about the darker burgundy, but that makes for two darks and two lights, instead of light, med, med. dark and dark. Although, the green print fits in better now.

I thought about using a solid green or the green stripe fabric. I'm afraid the stripe reads more light than medium. The directions say, "The fabric's color is not as important as its value. " Upon contemplating those wise words of wisdom, I'm now wondering if the black floral is a good choice. Will it still read dark when I start dicing it up into smaller pieces to make the blocks? Guess I need to think on this some more.

I didn't get much sewing done yesterday. I only got one row done on the mystery quilt and a few of the mystery part two strips sewn for the 9-patch blocks. This mystery calls for the EZ Companion ruler. I thought I had one. I have so many of their rulers, tri tool & recs tool, Easy Angle 6-1/2", 3-1/2"x9-1/2", 6-1/2"x13-1/2", Easy Circle Cut, and the Tri-Mate. The last one must have been the one I thought was the companion ruler. Guess I'll go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow with my coupon and look for one. And what's with just 25% off any one item for this week, anyway.

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