Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sewing and Movie Watching

I watched three of my movies this week while I completed the blocks for the I Spy quilt. I woke up at 4:30 this morning worrying about what I had done with some butterfly fabric I had bought at Hobby Lobby two weeks ago: then I had the most horrible thought. Some of the fabric I'm using for the I Spy blocks has a red background and it hasn't been washed! What if it fades all over the quilt when it is washed. I bought a couple of 6" and 10" kid print charm packs to use in the quilt and some of the backgrounds are red, and because they were charm patches, it never even dawned on me to try to wash them. I also bought some UGA fabric with a red background and was in such a hurry to cut the two squares out for the blocks that I didn't take time to wash it first. I will wash it before I use it for the borders, but I just didn't stop to realize small pieces of red can also bleed and ruin a quilt. I guess I will do a very narrow zig zag stitch around the edges of the red blocks, remove the paper and hand wash them and hope they don't shrink so much that they wont match up right with the other blocks. And if they do, I'll just have to make some replacement blocks.

Here is a picture of the first I Spy quilt I made.

I was in an I Spy block swap in 2002 with an on-line group that I used to be a member of. I had to make additional blocks to go with the swap blocks and decided it still wasn't the size I wanted so added more novelty prints in the border. I noticed that I used some of the same fabrics in the quilt I'm making now.

I still haven't looked for the butterfly fabric. I really need to get more organized and keep all the fabric and patterns for each project together. I've run out of "project space", unfortunately, all that space is being taken up by UFOs.

I've got a bee meeting this morning. Our round robins are returning home! I'm so excited to be getting mine back. It has been almost two years!

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