Friday, January 4, 2008

A Wasted Day

It's not that I didn't do anything. The day was wasted because I threw away what I did! I'm attempting to make an "I Spy" quilt from a paper pieced pattern. I made one years ago and it goes together very easy. I don't know if I still have the pattern or where it would be at if I do. So a few weeks ago I drew a pattern in EQ. I didn't quite get the portions of the hexagon correct, or the two star points. I spent the morning piecing those and when I put them on the design wall, they just didn't go together quite the way they should have and didn't look right. I've redrawn the pattern and it looks better. I'm printing them out now. I've also started cutting more novelty fabric. Thank goodness I have a nice stash of novelty prints, although it is dwindling down now. Hopefully this time things will turn out better. If not, I'm just going to give up and make a different pattern. My daughter asked me to make the quilt. Her boss and his wife are expecting a little boy in February. She also wants me to make a quilt for his big sister too. On the up side, I did get to watch two movies on my new TV.

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